green cooling initiative: U4E

Country Savings and Policy Assessments

The U4E Global Map includes Country Savings Assessments showing the potential financial, environmental, energy, and societal benefits that are possible with a transition to energy-efficient lighting, refrigerators, room air conditioners, electric motors and distribution transformers. The Global Map also includes Country Policy Assessments showing the status of policies promoting the use of energy-efficient products.

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United for EfficiencyU4E

United for Efficiency supports developing countries and emerging economies to leapfrog their markets to energy-efficient appliances and equipment, with the overall objective to reduce global electricity consumption and mitigate climate change. U4E broadens the scope of high-efficiency products from lighting to additional appliances and equipment that have a high potential for electricity savings, such as room air conditioners, residential refrigerators, electric motors, distribution transformers and information and communication technologies.

United for Efficiency provides tailored assistance to governments for them to develop and implement national and regional strategies to achieve a fast and sustainable market transformation to efficient products. To achieve this, the successfully proven integrated policy approach of en.lighten with its four components will be applied:

  • Development and implementation of energy efficiency policies such as minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) to ensure the efficiency and quality of the products available in the marketplace.
  • Development and implementation of supporting policies and mechanisms to restrict the supply of inefficient products, and assist consumers, businesses, and manufacturers in overcoming barriers in the transition to energy-efficient products
  • Establishment of monitoring, verification and enforcement (MVE) systems to ensure that products in the market comply with national MEPS.
  • Environmentally sound life-cycle management for used products containing electronic waste, ozone-depleting substances and persistent organic pollutants.

U4E is part of United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). The GCI collaborates with U4E in furthering the idea of energy efficient AND environmentally friendly cooling technologies.


The GCI is funded by the International Climate Initiative by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Na­ture Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and implemented by GIZ Proklima.

Study on green cooling technologies

The Green Cooling Technologies Study tracks global market trends of key refrigeration and air conditioning subsectors. For more information, request the full PDF publication here