green cooling initiative: Energy effiency ratios

Energy efficiency ratios

Refrigerators and freezers are usually continuously running and information on the energy efficiency is usually given in kWh/year or using an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI), which corrects for the volume and different functionalities and tries to make different appliances comparable.

Comparing the energy efficiency of refrigerators in different countries is difficult as testing standards can vary considerably, for example with the ambient temperature at which measurements are taken.

Generally, an increase in energy efficiency can be seen – certainly promoted by widespread minimum energy efficiency standards that are also becoming continuously stricter. However, some of this apparent increase is due to appliances becoming larger: Bigger compressors are more efficient, so that larger domestic refrigeration units are more efficient compared to smaller ones. Larger units still consume more electricity, only their electricity use per volume is declining.


The benchmarking tool allows you to calculate how much money you can save by updating your fridge-freezer combination to a more efficient model. 

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