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Cli­ma­te-neu­tral by 2030: Ger­ma­ny on­ly pro­cu­res en­er­gy-ef­fi­ci­ent and cli­ma­te-fri­end­ly coo­ling pro­ducts and ser­vices

01.01.2022 , Noticias :

As of 1 January, there will be a larger focus on climate protection when awarding public contracts

(abre la imagen ampliada)Shutterstock / Milan Sommer

The German Federal Government wants to further expand its efforts in climate protection. In September 2021, the Federal Cabinet adopted a new administrative regulation on the procurement of climate-friendly services and products (German only: AVV Klima). Already since 2008, there has been a requirement for public procurement, according to which “the highest available efficiency class" in terms of energy consumption labelling was a condition for purchase. The previous regulation has now been further developed into an "Administrative Regulation on the Procurement of Climate-Friendly Services". However, energy efficiency remains one of the most important factors. The new regulation came into force on 01 January 2022.

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