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Good Service Practices and Installation of Room ACs with HCFC–22 and Flammable Refrigerants

30.09.2018 , Noticias :

These handbooks have been prepared for technicians and trainers in India to introduce and improve good service practices during installation and servicing of room air-conditioners. 

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Good service practice is important for environmental reasons and to maintain the energy efficiency of air conditioners, as efficiency decreases due to age, defects and poor service practice.

The handbooks provide preliminary and practical information to technicians and trainers in India within the scope of the HPMP project that can be applied on a day-to-day basis during installation and servicing of air-conditioners. The principles of air-conditioning, how the environmental impact of refrigerants and air-conditioners can be minimized, copper processing, installation and servicing are explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.