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Li­quid ice con­tai­ners for ref­ri­ge­ra­ted trans­port

Subsectores: Transport Refrigeration

Since 2016, Colruyt has been transporting its fresh products in self-developed refrigerated containers. The Liquid Ice Containers (LIC) keep the products cool with liquid ice and are 73% more climate-friendly than the classic refrigerated containers that use CO2. Colruyt has recently started to use even more eco-friendly liquid ice containers for the transport of frozen products to the shops. Liquid ice is a frozen but liquid mixture of water and ethanol or salt. The refrigerant with minuscule grains of ice has a much lower climate impact than the current alternatives.

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    Colruyt Group is one of the largest retailers in Belgium, with around 29,000 employees and over 500 shops. Since 2014, the supermarket chain has been using 100% natural refrigerants in all its new refrigeration systems....