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Product: Environmentally-friendly compressors for medical cold chain solutions

Subsectores: Transport Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration

The reliability of medical cooling equipment is essential to ensure the quality and usability of highly sensitive substances such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, cells, genes and blood. By combining energy-efficiency with the use of natural refrigerants, compressor manufacturer Secop provides sustainable cooling solutions for a broad range of applications and temperature levels inside the world-wide supply chain of biomedical processing, transport, and storage. The D-, N-, and S-Series compressors can be used to establish a reliable ULT (ultra low temperature) cold chain. Combined with the variable speed CCD°® drive controls, the ability to adjust the cooling capacity makes Secop's stationary and mobile solutions advantageous in regions with unstable power supplies. In particular, the Solar Direct Drive (SDD) can support the vaccine distribution in regions with a limited power grid and in severe ambient conditions. Secop's compressor and control electronic solutions in different applications are officially certified by WHO (World Health Organization).

Sitio web: www.secop.com/updates/news/news-show/hermetic-compressors-selected-for-medical-cold-chain-solutions


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