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All you need to know is how to handle them safely

02/10/2020 , Actualité :

Thailand continues the conversion of its refrigeration and air-conditioning (RAC) sector towards natural refrigerants. The country is expanding the training of RAC professionals with the development of new curricula to prepare apprentices and university students, technicians, teachers and trainers to safely handle these climate-friendly and energy-efficient cooling agents.

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This year, approximately 100,000 RAC appliances with natural refrigerants (so-called "Green Cooling technologies") will be available on the Thai market. The demand for Green Cooling technologies is projected to grow over the next 3 years and is expected to account for 50 per cent of market share. Considering the emerging market for Green Cooling appliances and the changing requirements promoted by the Kigali Amendment, the Montreal Protocol and the Paris Agreement, a strategy to train Thai technicians on the use of natural refrigerants is much needed.

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