green cooling initiative: Benchmarking tool

Calculate how much you can save by using more efficient appliances

Choose your country and enter the power consumption of your current fridge in kwh per year and its size (small, medium or large). The energy price shown is in cents US$, but you can also enter your exact energy price in your own currency. The result will show how much it costs to run your current appliance as compared to how much it would cost if you replaced it with a more efficient model. If you entered the energy price in your own currency, the result will also be shown in this currency.


Size of fridge

This calculation is based on a fridge-freezer combination. Fridges consume less electricity. 


Energy use

in kWh per year


Price of electricity

The price of electricity per kWh is given in cent US$ and was taken from worldbank data. You can also enter the price you pay in your local currency.