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Stand-alone equipment Project: MagFreeG - a project to support industrialization of Magnetic Refrigeration Systems (MRS)

MagFreeG, founded by Cooltech Applications in 2014, is a 30-month project aiming to commercialize and implement magnetic cooling across commercial cooling sectors in Europe. Under the CIP Eco-Innovation program of the European Union, MagFreeG received funding over 1.7M Euros.

Cooltech’s MRS is the first industrialized, gas-free magnetic cooling system that offers a climate-friendly alternative to existing gas-based compressors for commercial refrigeration appliances. By introducing water-based MRS in professional refrigerated systems, MagFreeG may save up to the equivalent of 3200 tons of  CO2 by the end of 2017, hereby enabling end users to contribute to the European 2020 environmental objectives.

Currently, MRS has a cooling power of 400W, such that is applicable in smaller-scale appliances such as display cases or beverage coolers. However, MagFreeG is planning on extending MRS’s cooling power to 1000W, such that larger markets such as the industrial & medical refrigeration and transportation & storage can also benefit from this technology.

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    An eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternative to gas based compressors

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