green cooling initiative: Best practice example

Air conditioning chillers, Process chillers Project: A platform for sorption cooling

Founded in Berlin in March 2009, the Green Chiller Association for Sorption Cooling is a platform of research facilities and manufacturers that are on the cutting edge of sorption chiller technologies in German-speaking countries.

The Association was established to promote and develop solar and thermally-driven cooling technologies on a wide scale. Around 60% of all European manufacturer of sorption chillers in the small and medium-scale cooling capacity range are represented on the platform. All members offer closed sorption technologies like absorption cooling (working pair’s water/lithium bromide and ammonia/water) and adsorption cooling (water/silica gel and water/zeolith).

The Association promotes the following main objectives: promoting and developing of the solar and thermal cooling markets in Germany and Europe, demonstration of different applications, and development of design tools and standardization.

Involved network members:

Example of a sorption chiller cooling kit
Refrigerant Water or Ammonia (Natural Refrigerant)
Cooling capacity 5-250