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Process chillers Product: Compact chiller FXP

Secon’s FXP compact chiller series use the natural and energy efficient natural refrigerant propane (R290). The FXP may be used as a single unit or in combination with several chillers.

The most innovative feature of the FXP is a unique 3-in-1 brazed plate heat exchanger which substitutes 3 separate heat exchangers (evaporator, condenser and sub cooler). This unique design enables the cooling circuit to work with minimal refrigerant charges (under 2kg per cycle) and maximum efficiency.

FXP units are commonly installed inside machine rooms or in restricted areas.

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FXP Compact Chiller
Refrigerant R290
Cooling capacity 10 to 50 kW (each module)
Energy efficiency Cooling: EER in design conditions up to 5,5 Heating: COP in design conditions up to 5,1 (brine/water)
Energy efficiency rating Depending on model and execution