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Process chillers, Air conditioning chillers Product: The LTC 30e Plus - One of the most efficient chillers on the market

All basic components for thermal cooling are included in one device: Invensor’s LTC 30e Plus.

With a maximum thermal coefficient of performance (COP) of 0.72 and an outstanding maximum energy efficient ratio (EER) of 33, the LTC 30e Plus remains one of the most energy efficient chillers on the market. An automatic power adjustment allows cooling capacity ranging from 10 to 35 kW.

With an integrated system controller, the LTC 30e Plus provides a range of options to meet individual customer needs and applications. The system is controlled remotely via ethernet, and comprehensive measurement technology facilitates installation and operation. A hydraulic unit with powerful high-efficiency pumps directly connects all hydraulic circuits for the driving energy, cooling distribution and recooling.

Involved network members:

  • Chillers InvenSor GmbH

    InvenSor GmbH develops and produces adsorption chillers driven by heat at its site in Berlin. The chillers cool using waste heat, e.g. from CHP units, solar installations and industrial production processes. The refrigerant is the most eco-friendly in the world: pure water.

LTC 30 e plus
Refrigerant Water (R718)
Cooling capacity 10 to 35 kW
Energy efficiency EER = 33
Energy efficiency rating Depending on model and execution