green cooling initiative: Best practice example

Product: Refrigeration System for Medicine Storage

Cold Room with Refrigerant R-290

For a prestigious multinational company, is designed, assembled and installed, a medicine storage chamber; your cooling system which employs, as decided by the company, a natural refrigerant, in this case R-290, was used as primary coolant and Propylene Glycol as Secondary Refrigerant.

The conditions, environmental chamber temperature and thermal load, according to their occupation and stored products are:

Operating temperature: 30 ° C Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb Temperature 24 ° C, Sea Level 1000 meters

Cold Room Temperature Storage: 2 ° C, 90% RH.

Thermal Load: 17.8 kW

Involved network members:

  • Refrigeration and Consulting Engineers, S.A.

    Refrigeration technologies for industrial refrigeration systems; specializing in the development, construction, installation, service and maintenance of key components and innovative technical solutions.