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Refrigerated trucks/trailers Product: CryoTech transport refrigeration

Thermo King’s CryoTech transport refrigeration technology uses a recycled natural refrigerant in a simple, robust system to eliminate both noise and emissions, granting your vehicles access to restricted zones night and day.

 The CO2 refrigerant used in the CryoTech system is sourced from recycled waste gas captured from the production of fertilizer and other chemical compounds. The refrigerant would otherwise be released into the atmosphere as a by-product, such that there is no cumulative global warming effect caused by its use in the CryoTech system. Moreover, CryoTech technology has a very low operating noise, ensuring conformity with the Piek standard of 60dB(a) limit during nighttime deliveries in urban areas.

Thermo King’s CryoTech technology is the ideal solution for transport refrigeration, meeting stringent environmental legislations will ensuring highest product quality.


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Thermo King - CryoTech
Refrigerant R744 (Liquefied CO2)
Cooling capacity 4 050 to 19 500 Watts
Energy efficiency NA/ (Non-Diesel solution, using Recycled CO2 as primary energy)
Energy efficiency rating N/A (Non-Diesel solution, using Recycled CO2 as primary energy)