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Domestic refrigeration, Stand-alone equipment Product: Minus 10 - Hydrocarbon refrigerant for domestic & commercial refrigerators.

Hychill’s Minus 10 is a high-purity, isobutane (R600a) refrigerant used in state-of-the art commercial and domestic refrigeration. It provides all benefits associated with hydrocarbon refrigerants while simultaneously avoiding environmental damage and global warming

Minus 10 was developed primarily for use in purpose built systems designed for R600a, including light commercial systems, wine coolers and drink display cabinets. Reduced operating pressure and excellent heat absorption capacity provide users with up to 30% energy consumption reduction. Its superior thermodynamic properties make it an ideal refrigerant for use in 6-star Energy Efficiency rating systems.

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HyChill - Minus 10
Refrigerant R600a (Isobutane)