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Car air conditioning Product: Minus 30 - Hydrocarbon refrigerant for mobile air conditioning

Hychill’s Minus 30 is a mixture of isobutane (R600a) and propane (R290), two hydrocarbon refrigerant gases, and is designed for use in automotive air conditioning systems and medium temperature refrigeration units. Minus 30 provides all benefits associated with hydrocarbon refrigerants while simultaneously avoiding environmental damage and global warming.

Minus 30 is ideal for use in small commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems where R12 has traditionally been used. It provides superior efficiency, lower cooling temperatures, extended ambient temperature operating range and reliable performance. The reduced operating pressure and excellent heat absorption capacity provide consumers with a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 20%.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are flammable, and therefore require accredited technicians to install and maintain them. HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants carry a distinctive “rotting cabbage” odour so that any leak is immediately noticed and rectified.

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HyChill - Minus 30
Refrigerant R600a (Isobutane) R290 (Propane)