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Stand-alone equipment, Condensing units, Centralised systems for supermarkets Product: Minus 40 - Hydrocarbon refrigerant for refrigeration systems in supermarkets and shops

Hychills’ Minus 40 hydrocarbon refrigerant is a high-purity, propane (R290) refrigerant used in medium to low temperature refrigeration systems such as supermarkets and shops. Minus 40 provides all benefits associated with hydrocarbon refrigerants while simultaneously avoiding environmental damage and global warming.

Minus 40 is commonly used in small-scale cooling appliances such as food display cabinets and ice cream and drink dispensing machines. It is also ideal for use in split system air conditioners. Reduced operating pressure and excellent heat absorption capacity provide users with up to 30% reduction in energy consumption. Its superior thermodynamic properties make it an ideal refrigerant for use in 6-star Energy Efficiency rating systems.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are flammable, and therefore require accredited technicians to install and maintain them. HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants carry a distinctive “rotting cabbage” odour so that any leak is immediately noticed and rectified.

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HyChill - Minus 40
Refrigerant R290 (Propane)