green cooling initiative: Best practice example

Process chillers Product: 3-in-1 chiller

The chiller GS-1-KO-1-N-102-SP designed by the German Chiller Manufacturer (GCM) uses ammonia (R717) and combines three independently operating machines in one unit. The operator therefore profits from full redundancy; if one of the three machines fails, the remaining two continue to cool.

The three machines comprising the GS-1-KO-1-N-102-SP are connected by a master control system, but each machine has its own control center for emergencies. By choosing a system that runs on a natural refrigerant without global warming potential (GWP), the consumer is actively contributing to environmentally friendly cooling. The use of R717 in combination with qualitatively high components ensures that the chiller system has an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 5.56.

The investment into the environmentally friendly and economic cooling system was supported with a 20% grant of the total production costs by the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA). Furthermore, the GCM grants a five-year warranty for the cooling system with a maintenance contract upon purchase.

Involved network members:

German Chiller Manufacturer
Refrigerant R717
Cooling capacity 444 kW
Energy efficiency rating EER 5,56