green cooling initiative: Best practice example

Product: Solar-Powered Vaccine Coolers

SolarChill refrigerators provide environmentally-friendly cooling in remote, off-grid locations. Solar energy is stored in ice instead of lead batteries, offering a more reliable, safer and cleaner alternative to classic kerosene refrigerators.

Since 2001, the SolarChill Project has been developing prototypes and field testing its technology. With the aim of demonstrating the safe and economic use of the SolarChill technology for medical, household and commercial applications, the implementation phase of the project will be completed in 2018. Project countries include Kenya, Swaziland and Colombia. The SolarChill Project is managed by a long-established partnership between different international organizations that work closely with local environmental and health ministries.

SolarChill technology is straightforward: the radiative energy caught by solar panels operates a direct drive compressor. The compressor then powers the refrigerant cycle, creating an ice-bank in which the solar energy is stored as an “ice battery”. The low temperatures are then transferred from the ice-bank to the storage cabinet. On days of low radiation or disrupted power supply, thick insulation can sustain adequate temperatures for up to 5 days.

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