green cooling initiative: Best practice example

Project: An analysis of the emissions and costs of electrical trailer cooling during rest periods

Under the European transport network (TEN-T) Programme, NomadPower is developing a power supply network for temperature-controlled transport on parking lots.

Long-distance transport trailers use diesel to cool their goods for resting periods of nine hours or more, during which it would be possible to connect to an electric power supply. Around 95% of cooling trailers are equipped with an electric standby refrigeration option, but this is only used during long periods of (un)loading where a power supply is available. Providing a power supply at service station parking lots will enable the potential to use electric standby mode instead of diesel during extended rest periods.

The study on environmental and cost benefits by CE Delft revealed that in Europe alone, 50-100 million hours of diesel consumption at service station parking lots can be replaced by electricity supply. This would save 130-260 million liters of diesel and 290-580 kilo tons of CO2, which corresponds to the annual emissions of 2,700-5,400 long-haul trucks.

Involved network members:

  • Nomadpower

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