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Centralised systems Success story: Parilla Potato Cold Storage Facility

In 2012/2013, Glaciem Cooling Technologies in collaboration with the University SA Barbara Hardy Institute and Alltech Refrigeration launched the Parilla Potato Project. Parilla Potatoes is a large, refrigerated storage facility located in South Australia.

The basis for the design of the Parilla Potato Project is a secondary refrigeration system that uses a critically charged ammonia chiller as the primary refrigerant and Dynalene HC30 as a secondary refrigerant. Moreover, the design also includes the use of a Thermal Storage System using Phase Change Material (PCM). The PCM is cooled by the primary ammonia plant overnight using off peak electricity, and the Dynalene uses the thermal storage of the PCM to provide refrigeration during peak operating hours. In 2014, the system won the AIRAH Best HVAC&R Retrofit/Upgrade award.

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Refrigerant NH3 (R717) Phase Change Material’s (PCM’s) & Dynalene HC30
Cooling capacity 240 kW