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Air conditioning chillers Product: EChiller- the cleanest and most efficient chiller

Introduced by Efficient Energy in February 2016, the eChiller is the only centrifugal chiller in the 35-kW refrigeration capacity range that uses pure water (R718) as a refrigerant.

The eChiller technology is based on an energetically optimized and direct technical implementation of the thermodynamic cycle. It comprises the direct evaporation, compression, condensation and expansion of water in a closed-loop cycle. This innovative technology can save up to 80% electricity compared to conventional cooling systems.

In the near future, chillers using synthetic refrigerants will no longer comply with regulatory requirements. Ever increasing energy costs place an addition burden on refrigeration. As such, far-sighted investments into innovative chiller technologies are of great significance.

Involved network members:

  • Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration Efficient Energy GmbH

    German manufacturer of the eChiller - A centrifugal chiller using water as safe and environmentally friendly refrigerant (R718), saving up to 80% electricity compared to best in class HFC alternative Chillers

Refrigerant R718
Cooling capacity 35 kW @ 28 °C/22 °C chilled water and 40 °C cooling water
Energy efficiency 3,7 < COP < 120 depending on operational conditions
Energy efficiency rating Best in class