green cooling initiative: Best practice example

Product: EKO.E – RKO.E

Natural Ecological Efficient and Reliable Chiller Solutions

The EKO.E - RKO.E line ranges from 10-1290 kW and is an all natural chiller solution. The system uses the hydrocarbon R290 as refrigerant, which is both sustainable and energy efficient.

The compressor is a reciprocating semihermetic type (pistons or compact-screw), fixed on anti-vibration system and complete with pressure lubrication system. The compressor is mechanically optimized for use with Hydrocarbons and built in according to Directive ATEX 94/9/EC for the safety requirements: Zone 2, Gas group IIB. To ensure high-safety-level the unit is equipped with a special gas detector for flammable gases, including two alarm levels and microprocessor control with LED status indicator.

Involved network members:

  • Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration Euroklimat Spa

    Manufacturer of high quality water chillers and precision air conditioning

EKO.E - RKO.E line by Euroklimat
Refrigerant R290 (Propane)
Cooling capacity Up to 1.230kW
Energy efficiency High, free-cooling version also available
Energy efficiency rating Up to 4,55