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Stand-alone equipment Product: Elegant and economic-the new generation ATHEN XL ECO freezer and chiller cabinets by AHT

The ATHEN XL ECO freezer and chiller cabinets by AHT offer flexible solutions for ecologically sound cooling in supermarkets.

The ATHEN XL ECO combines energy efficiency with an innovative, sales-stimulating design. Use of the natural refrigerant propane ensures an ecologically sound, 100% CFC- and PFC-free operation. The appliance may be used as a stand-alone unit, a line-up or as an island. Furthermore, it can either be installed below shelving or integrated into existing shelving systems, hereby offering a high flexibility.

With temperature ranges between +3°C to +15°C for chilling, -18°C to -23°C for freezing, and 0°C to +2°C for meat, and a built-in semi-automatic defrost for a regular defrosting with goods kept at a constant temperature, the ATHEN XL ECO provides economic and elegant storage for a broad range of goods. Interior LED lighting beautifies the presentation of your merchandise, hereby boosting sales potential.

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Refrigerant R290
Energy efficiency e.g. Model 175 AD VS LED: 6,2 kWh/24h