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Air conditioning chillers Product: SolabChiller: Heat-driven cooling

The SolabChiller developed by SolabCool uses excess heat to provide energy-efficient cooling. Water is used a natural coolant to distribute the cooling within private housing or small commercial applications.

The SolabChiller is a compact cooling system that operates on the principle of sorption cooling. It uses excess heat from district heating networks, solar power generators or combined heat and power systems – energy that would otherwise be lost. The SolabChiller has a 75% lower electricity consumption compared to conventional air conditioning systems, hereby greatly reducing operating costs and carbon emissions. The SolabChiller has a thermal efficiency of 6 and is available with a maximum power of 2.5 or 5 kW, dependent on the type of cooling requirement. 

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SolabCool - SolabChiller
Cooling capacity 3-5 kW 5-50KW