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Centralised systems, Condensing units, Process chillers, Air conditioning chillers Product: Ultra silent energy efficiency: the CXVE Evaporative Condenser

The CXVE condenser unit by the Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) offers maximum performance at the lowest possible energy input and refrigerant charge, reducing energy costs for industrial refrigeration applications by up to 50%.

The CXVE condenser unit minimizes system-wide energy consumption by ensuring unrivalled efficient heat rejection at the lowest possible energy input and refrigerant charge. The low noise axial fans of the CXVE use 50% less energy than similar centrifugal fan units and produce minimal noise, such that they are ideal for industrial refrigeration applications with low sound and energy requirements.

The CXVE design allows easy on-site assembly, arrangement into multi cells for large capacity requirements as well as easy access of all critical components for inspection/maintenance, hereby facilitating installation and operation.

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    For over 75 years now, BAC develops technology and offers sustainable products in advance of new industry demands for air conditioning, district cooling, industrial refrigeration and industrial process cooling applications.

CXVE evaporative condenser
Refrigerant R717 (Ammonia)
Cooling capacity 440-2765 kW