green cooling initiative: Best practice example

Success story: All-in-one heating, cooling and air conditioning in retail giant Kaufland

Frigo-Consulting has installed an integral CO2 system in retail giant Kaufland’s new large-scale store in the suburbs of Germany, Berlin.

The integral CO2 system is a lighthouse project, as it cools, heats and ventilates without needing additional energy. It uses waste heat produced during refrigeration to heat and ventilate the entire Kaufland building. 25-30% less energy is consumed compared to traditional installations, as well as a reduction of the CO2 footprint by 35-40%.

The system can adapt to a range of operation needs, e.g. summer vs. winter temperature, working days vs. weekends, etc. Frigo-Consulting took the lead in the project engineering and provided a customized future oriented concept. Since the first installation in 2014, Frigo-Consulting has successfully engineered and commissioned several integral systems.

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