green cooling initiative: Best practice example

Duct split residential air conditioners, Multi-splits Ducted Air Conditioner with R290 (propane)

The Starlight FCD290 and CV290 series provide higher performance thanks to the thermodynamic properties of the R290 natural refrigerant. It was designed to become a 100% ecofriendly option for the environment in the A/C industry. Each component used in the units guarantees high durability, operational stability an safety.

The most relevant fact is that Thermotar carried out the project conversion of production line for a propane use in order to contribute the phase-out of 0.73 ODP tons (13.27 metric tons) of HCFC-22. The company have acquired a special process cabin for hydrocarbon handling that has the respective monitoring devices for process safety and a constant automated exhaust system according to the process conditions.

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Refrigerant HC - R290
Cooling capacity 36000 - 60000 BTU/h