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Product: Energy-optimized Propane Compressors

Secop enhances its R290 compressor program with the release of a new generation of propane compressors for LBP and MBP applications, such as bottle coolers, ice cream cabinets, and commercial refrigerators.

The new DLE, NLE/NLY, and SCE compressors are tailored for commercial use and capable of replacing products made for high-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants, such as R404A and R134a. With optional run capacitors, the efficiency can be further increased if required.

Given their versatility and reliability, Secop’s new generation of energy-optimized propane compressors achieve maximum performance for an array of refrigeration/freezer applications.

A GWP of three is achievable with the powerful, efficient R290 DLE-CN, NLE/NLY-CN, and SCE-MNX compressors, designed for LBP/MBP applications, such as bottle coolers, commercial freezers, food retail and ice-cream cabinets, etc..

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