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Chillers, Industrial Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration Thermofin

Supplier of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment for commercial and industrial applications

The company supplies customers all around the globe: units produced by thermofin® are being used in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment for storing and processing food in supermarkets, deep freezing plants and logistics centres. Heat exchangers produced by the company are also used to control the air temperature in large computer centres, ice rinks and indoor ski slopes.

The company has also been producing units to cool turbines and engines since 2007 and has already completed the first projects in this new field of business in India, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.

Best practice:

  • Centralised systems for supermarkets Product: Integral refrigerant system with propane (X-TCDH)

    In 2010, Thermofin started the design process of an integral system capable of producing the necessary refrigerating demand for chilling units and cold storage rooms as well as provide air condition in the sales areas and supply underfloor heating of supermarkets. The X-TCDH technology uses the natural refrigerant propane (R290).