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Transport Refrigeration ILK Dresden

The Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK) Dresden is one of the leading German institutes for research and development tasks in the fields of air handling and refrigeration technologies and their applications.


The ILK Dresden is an independent and free research enterprise with the legal status of a non-profit limited liability company.

With its staff of 140, the ILK Dresden conducts industry-related research, development and technology transfer in the wide range of air handling and refrigeration technologies and their applications including related scientific and technical fields, such as

  • Cryogenics and cryophysics
  • Cryomedicine and cryobiology
  • Refrigeration and refrigerating equipment
  • Heat pump technology
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Refrigerants and working fluids
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, including fluid mechanics and acoustics
  • Air pollution control, particle separation, clean air technology
  • Utilisation of solar energy
  • Applied energy engineering, energy recovery
  • Water purification, desalination
  • Material engineering
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Sensor development

The ILK Dresden works as a commercial research & development company for all interested businesses and institutions of the related and applied branches as well as for the supplying industries.

The total service portfolio of the ILK comprises:

  • Free contract research
  • Process and product development
  • Studies, consulting and expertises
  • Scientific technical services, as well as experimental testing and analyses and investigations of facilities, components and materials acc. to international standards
  • Innovative planning, mainly HVAC
  • Manufacturing and prototyping, especially the development and manufacturing of test stands

The ILK Dresden is structured into main departments. These departments comprise different fields of technology, which are subdivided into technical departments and working groups.

Refrigeration and Heat Pumps

Priorities of Research & Development and Services

The ILK main department Refrigeration and Heat Pumps researches and develops energy-efficient and innovative refrigeration technologies and refrigerating equipment for industry and for appliers in a wide range of temperature, starting at deep cooling and freezing up to AC refrigeration and heat pump technology.

Technologies of refrigeration storage and transport as well as food cold chain are major components of ILK`s work.

ILK Dresden