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Clean refrigeration for urban delivery

Full Electric & Zero Emission Reefer Units Made for Sustainable Urban Delivery

Volta Air has the earned expertise to offer you the highest quality of full electric transport refrigeration units. From in-house design to hand-crafted installation, you can count on guaranteed durability and safety for your business.

With over fifty years of cumulative industry experience in automotive and industrial HVAC, Voltaair brings advanced heating/cooling solutions. We develop efficient and environmentally friendly Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), specialized for the next generation of cooling and refrigeration units, possessing the newest energy storage and heat transfer technologies.

We manufacture leading products and components for the green cooling technology industry, specifically for AC and transport refrigeration. Integrating fully electric units into your mobile applications will lower operational & servicing costs. We hope that the substantial financial benefits of anti-idling systems will help drive our customers throughout the market and in turn help reduce massive amounts of greenhouse gasses.

Guiding principles:

1. Reduce operational costs
2. Reduce operational emissions
3. Quality products and customer service

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