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Cooling with conscience – a wide range of energy efficient hydrocarbon compressors

Secop GmbH has been producing compressors for more than 50 years, formerly under the name Danfoss Compressors. It offers compressors using hydrocarbon refrigerants for the household and light commercial refrigeration market. Secop’s products are energy efficient and have a low noise level.

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Best practices:

  • Product: Solar-Powered Vaccine Coolers

    SolarChill refrigerators provide environmentally-friendly cooling in remote, off-grid locations. Solar energy is stored in ice instead of lead batteries, offering a more reliable, safer and cleaner alternative to classic kerosene refrigerators.

  • Policymaking: The Natural Voice- A global call to reduce greenhouse gases by natural refrigerants

    Introduced by Shecco in 2009, the Natural Voice is a global statement open to industry, associations, non-profit organizations and individuals supporting the potential of natural refrigerants in replacing potent greenhouse gases.

  • Domestic refrigeration Product: XV8.0KX Compressor

    Combining an extremely small size with an extremely high performance, the Secop XV compressor pioneers the global demands for innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

  • Product: SLV15CNK.2 Compressor

    Secop’s combination of HC-290 compressor and controller unit in the SLV15CNK.2 Compressor is a best-selling product for supermarkets due to its high energy efficiency.

  • Media: Educational film on servicing hydrocarbon compressors

    In 2016, Secop launched a step-by-step instruction on the safe servicing of compressors containing flammable refrigerants. The video is available in English, Russian, German, Spanish and Chinese.