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Fit for Green Coo­ling

07/2020 , Publication - Leaflets & Factsheets :

How to qualify, certify and register the RAC workforce of the future

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The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol commits its signatory states to reduce their HFC consumption and production to below 20% by 2047. In order to do so, countries must set up an institutional framework of public and private actors ensuring that RAC products and services meet defined requirements of established standardisation, accreditation and conformity. This requires a scheme where technicians handling refrigerants can be qualified, certified and registered.

To that end, Proklima developed “Fit for Green Cooling”: a holistic approach which was developed according to international standards but can be adapted to national contexts and integrated in country-specific structures. Its scope covers natural refrigerants and helps reduce direct and indirect emissions over the lifetime and disposal of RAC appliances by setting standards that are followed by a skilled workforce. It thereby supports countries directly in their efforts to phase down climate-damaging HFCs.