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The Green Cool­ing Ini­ti­at­ive con­trib­utes to U4E policy guide­books

01/07/2017 , Actualité :

The United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative has identified energy-efficient appliances as a "high-impact opportunity". They have the potential to reduce countries' greenhouse gas emissions, generate economic benefits, enhance energy security and improve people's wellbeing. Amongst a five-part series of United for Efficiency (U4E) reports, the Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) contributed to two guidelines on energy-efficient & climate-friendly refrigerators and air conditioners.

Air conditioning and residential refrigerators make up a significant portion of the household energy demand, especially in hot climates. A growing population, a rising middle class and global warming are predicted to prompt a steep increase in the demand for cooling appliances. Transitioning to climate-friendly and energy-efficient air conditioners and household refrigerators can attain significant energy savings.

The guidelines address policy makers, providing them with cross-cutting information and best-practice examples on how to promote energy-efficient and climate-friendly refrigerators and room air conditioners in their respective national markets for the establishment of a successful energy efficiency programme. The guideline on air conditioners (Ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre) and refrigerators (Ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre) can be found on the U4E webpage (Ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre).