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New short movie on cli­mate im­pact of old devices with ODS

01/12/2017 , Actualité :

Old equipment containing ozone-depleting substances is a major challenge for many developing countries. An environmentally sound recycling or final destruction of ODS usually does not take place. Against this background, GIZ Proklima has produced a short film to raise awareness for this complex problem and to illustrate the alarming climate impact of old devices containing ODS.

(ouvre une image agrandie)©GIZ/Proklima

The short movie, which was produced under the project “Management and destruction of existing ozone depleting substances in ODS banks”, is available on the GIZ Youtube Channel (Ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre)! The movie is in English, but subtitles in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi and Arabic can be selected.