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Registration is open! Webinar on good practices in ODS bank management

01/04/2018 , Actualité :

Reducing banks of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) is a complex issue, but can significantly contribute to protect our environment. While the Montreal Protocol covers the production and consumption of ODS, the disposal of accumulated substances has not been regulated yet.

Against this background, the project Management and destruction of existing ozone depleting substances (ODS) banks will host a webinar on environmentally friendly ad sustainable ODS management and disposal. The registration is already ongoing and is open to all network members.

The webinar focuses on the successful conceptual design of an effective ODS banks management and a correspondingly environmentally friendly disposal of these substances. The ODS banks-project is funded by Germany´s BMU via its IKI. 

The 60-minute webinar will start at 15:00h (CET). The number of participants is limited. Please register here (Ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre).