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Proklima - StEP Webinar: E-Waste Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean

03/12/2018 , Actualité :

End of October 2018, Proklima and the StEP Initiative jointly hosted a webinar to share experiences and learn from best practices in e-waste management focusing on the Latin American region.

In recent years, urbanization, economic growth and changing consumer habits have increased the demand for electrical and electronic products, as well as the amount of products that have to be disposed. To avoid negative impacts on human health and the environment, proper management of electrical and electronic waste is crucial. Against this background, around 75 attendees listened to speakers from the public and private sector, presenting the current status of e-Waste management in Latin America, as well as two case studies from Peru and Colombia. Following the presentations, the participants engaged in a vivid discussion on best practices for e-waste management.