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Ad­van­cing tech­ni­cians’ skills on HC-Re­fri­ger­ants in Ir­a­nian Com­mer­cial Re­fri­ger­a­tion Su­per­mar­kets

01/10/2019 , Actualité :

GIZ Proklima successfully carried out two trainings on the safe application of hydrocarbon refrigerants

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Participants of the Cool Training in Iran © GIZ Proklima

Both trainings have been done in cooperation with the Iranian NOU and TVTO at ITC Karaj in Iran (Ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtre). Both groups did a 6-day training with a focus on basic refrigeration, brazing and the safe use of HC-Refrigerants. In total 34 professionals have been trained and the participants not only came from manufacturers in the commercial refrigeration sector but also from e.g. the Iranian refrigeration union and the TVTO. It was the first time that a training workshop of this kind was hold by an international trainer where participants did practical work with HC refrigeration systems.

For this training and the HPMP Stage II in Iran in general, GIZ Proklima developed and handed over a comprehensive technical handbook about the safe application of Hydrocarbons refrigerant (translated into Farsi) to the participants. This handbook will help the technicians to get even more familiar with the safe use of these flammable refrigerants and to ensure sustainability for the use of this new technology in Iran in the future.