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Video series: Pav­ing the way for a new gen­er­a­tion of RAC tech­ni­cians in Kenya

23/07/2020 , Actualité :

Representatives from the Kenyan cooling sector talk in a series of video interviews about their experiences with ‘Fit for Green Cooling’, a scheme for the qualification, certification and registration of RAC technicians, developed by GIZ.

(ouvre une image agrandie)James Ochweri

In recent years, the high demand for cooling devices has meant that more and more RAC technicians were needed in Kenya. However, the country is facing a challenge: “So far as a country, we cannot actually be sure (…) how many refrigeration technicians have been assessed, certified and registered”, explains Javan Chiro, lecturer at the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) in Nairobi. Most of the workers come from the informal sector. They did not gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills through official training, but were given it by family, friends or acquaintances.

“They are somewhat skilled, some of them semi-skilled”, adds Marindany Kirui, coordinator of the National Ozone Unit. But the installation and maintenance of cooling units usually does not correspond to best practices or prescribed standards. Safety risks arise for the technician and the consumer. In addition, the improper installation or recycling leads to the leakage of harmful refrigerants, which often have a high GWP.

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