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Ozone Day 2020: One day, three con­tin­ents

28/09/2020 , Actualité :

On September 16, 35 years of ozone layer protection were celebrated around the world. We took a look at the celebrations in four of our partner countries.

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When scientists in the mid-1970s showed that stratospheric ozone was depleted and the so-called “ozone hole” was discovered, the world listened. A debate within the scientific community has been brought to a political level, and long-lasting action has been taken under the Montreal Protocol and later with its Kigali Amendment. The "International Day of the Preservation of the Ozone Layer" reminds us of the progress made in ozone protection and that collective actions on a global scale are the best way forward. Most important, it points towards the need of integrated ozone and climate protection for the environment, our health and future generations.

To raise awareness on the protection of the ozone layer and our environment, our partner countries celebrated Ozone Day 2020 with various activities. Let’s take a look at four of them!