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"Always a two-way street" - Interview with Philip Owen

18/12/2020 , Actualité :

The European Union was one of the first movers regarding F-gas regulation and HCFC phase-out. As part of the SPODS project in Latin America and the Caribbean, we had the pleasure of interviewing Philip Owen of the European Commission.

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Preparations of the European F-gas regulation began as early as 2006. The official phase-out followed in 2014. In order to pass on this early experience, the EU, together with BMZ, supports seven countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in reaching their targets of ODS phase-out and early actions on HFC. The SPODS project is about policy advice, strategy development, training, new cooling technologies and much more. In this interview we ask Philip Owen, head of unit for Climate Finance, Mainstreaming, Montreal Protocol, four questions and talk about objectives, benefits and lessons learned.

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