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All good things come in threes: Third phase of Green Cool­ing Ini­ti­at­ive star­ted

08/10/2021 , Actualité :

The Green Cooling approach is to be scaled up through hubs in Thailand, Kenya and Colombia, as well as smaller sub-hubs in other countries

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What do an office worker in Thailand, a fisherman in Colombia and a doctor in Kenya have in common? What sounds like a riddle, has a serious background: They all depend on cooling - whether it be in the form of air conditioners in overheated cities, cold chains for fresh food or cooling of vital vaccines. Rising temperatures and population, progressing urbanisation and economic growth are driving up the worldwide cooling demand, particularly in developing countries and emerging economies.

Refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances often use fluorinated gases (F-Gases, mainly HFCs) with a high global warming potential as refrigerants. HFCs are further used as blowing agents in the foam sector. In combination with low energy efficiency and carbon intensive energy production, the RAC sector causes significant and rising amounts of greenhouse gases. So ironically by cooling our environment in the short term, we heat up the climate in the long term.

In short: Green Cool­ing Ini­ti­at­ive III

  • Project duration: August 2021 until July 2024
  • Target Countries: Thailand, Columbia, Kenya, Vietnam, Uganda, Honduras, etc.
  • On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)