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MOP35 Side Event: World Café on Energy Efficiency

08/11/2023 , Actualité :

Energy Efficiency is an important matter to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the growing refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) Sector.  
The Multilateral Fund (MLF) to the Montreal Protocol is offering a new funding window on financing energy efficiency in the RAC Sector (Decision 89/6 and 91/65). How can this funding window be used? Around 50 participants had lively exchanges on that question at our interactive World Café on Effective Energy Efficiency Measures.

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Summary of the MLF decicions on the energy efficiency funding window.


In contrast to other side events, participants of the Energy Efficiency World Café could not lean back and listen to presentations. Instead, they were asked to contribute to two rounds of table discussions. The participants worked simultaneously on four topics: assembly sector, conversion projects, servicing sector and policy measures.  

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