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Case Study: Storing Food and Medicine in Rural Areas in the Northeast of Morocco

Sous-secteurs: Domestic refrigeration

In Morocco, the rural population still remains important today. A significant proportion of households lives in isolated villages, making rural electrification by connection to the national grid technically more complex and financially more expensive. This is the case for the isolated villages in the northeast of Morocco. It is therefore necessary to consider alternative solutions that would lead to the sustainability of rural electrification. Gepco Solar has installed more than 3000 off-grid solar home systems for isolated homes in rural areas of Morocco. The project improves the lives of more than 15,000 people with no access to electricity. For food preservation, Gepco has developed two refrigerators. Secop supplied its well-proven BD compressors which are equipped with an electronic unit with built-in protection against shortages, operation outside temperature limits and destructive battery discharge. More information: https://www.secop.com/case-story-show/gepco-solar-bd-f-compressors


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