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Com­mer­cial re­fri­ger­a­tion sys­tem us­ing CO2 re­fri­ger­ant with Full Tran­scrit­ical Ef­fi­ciency (FTE) and Ex­treme Tem­per­at­ure Ef­fi­ciency (ETE) tech­no­logy

Sous-secteurs: Commercial Refrigeration

The system based on FTE and ETE technology uses CO2 as a refrigerant fluid and provides a substantial energy saving (at least 10%) compared to traditional CO2 technology at all temperatures (also >>40°C). The carbon footprint of the system is reduced over the entire value chain based on a Life-Cycle climateå performance (LCCP) approach.

Site web: https://systems.eptarefrigeration.com/en


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    Technological innovation is the hallmark of our production, which is focused on ensuring energy conservation and significant environmental impact reduction through the use of F-Gas compliant natural refrigerants. In...