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Product: Sol­ab­Cas­cade: Heat-driven cool­ing

Sous-secteurs: Chillers

The SolabCascade developed by SolabCool uses excess heat to provide energy-efficient cooling. Water is used a natural coolant to distribute the cooling within office buildings, nursing homes, hotels, or other commercial applications. The SolabCascade is a compact cooling system that operates on the principle of sorption cooling. It uses excess heat from district heating networks, solar power generators or combined heat and power systems – energy that would otherwise be lost. The SolabCascade requires no additional electricity supply, hereby greatly reducing operating costs and carbon emissions. It is a modular and scalable system with a maximum power of 5kW.


  • Membre Sol­ab­Cool

    SolabCool is an environmental friendly cooling system with minimal CO2 emission that uses residual heat that is normally lost to the environment. SolabCool BV is a spin-off from the engineering company Beijer RTB BV...