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PRO­Heat2o sig­ni­fic­antly re­duces over­all en­ergy costs by max­im­iz­ing chiller per­form­ance and ef­fect­ively re­cov­er­ing waste heat.

Sous-secteurs: Chillers, Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration

PROHeat2o exemplifies best practices in heat recovery with its 2-step Heat Recovery Process, making use of waste heat for a variety of applications. The system is factory-installed within the standard chiller housing and is available on ALL PROChiller System models. In Step 1, waste heat from the refrigerant is harvested through a brazed stainless steel heat exchanger refrigerant-to-glycol water “recovery” loop. The closed “recovery” loop temperature closely follows the discharge refrigerant temperature. In Step 2, a second fluid-to-fluid heat exchanger is then utilized to pre-heat potable water for the customer. The pre-heated water feeds into the customer’s traditional water heating equipment, reducing (or even eliminating) their fossil fuel heating needs. This process allows for multiple benefits versus a single-step heat recovery system: • Lowered Energy Consumption: By utilizing otherwise wasted energy, PROHeat2o minimizes the consumption of electricity, propane, or natural gas for heating water, resulting in reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, the system's dual fluid pumps can be turned on or off based on hot water demand, which adds to operating cost savings. • System Protection: By separating the Refrigerant from the potable water supply, PROHeat2o safeguards both the refrigeration system and the potable water supply, preventing potential damage or contamination. • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Expensive refrigeration repairs caused by low water quality are eliminated by the fluid-to-fluid heat exchanger for potable water heating. When heat exchanger fouling occurs, the low cost fluid to fluid heat exchanger is easily cleaned, or replaced, without extended downtime or high service costs.

Site web: https://prochiller.com/proheat2o/


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