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Success story: The Fridge Factory conversion project

With the support of GIZ Proklima, in 2008 the Fridge Factory was the first refrigeration manufacturer in the sub-Saharan region to convert its production line to natural refrigerant-based technologies. During the 3-year project, the Fridge Factory converted its entire domestic and commercial production line to operate with hydrocarbon refrigerants, with an annual production of approx. 60,000 appliances. Every sold unit replaces the use of fluorinated refrigerants, hereby avoiding an equivalent of 250 kg of CO2 of direct emissions during the lifetime of a unit. Moreover, the new appliances save more than 20% energy consumption compared to conventional units, hereby reducing electricity costs. The conversion to modern technologies strengthens the Fridge Factory’s market position against environmentally-damaging imports. Moreover, qualifying the engineering and technical staff to work with the new technology helps secure and maintain around 500 jobs.


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