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Company Sous-secteurs: Transport Refrigeration

Driven by climate change and the exhaustibility of fuels, Brightec was founded in 2010 with the mission to develop sustainable technologies in the field of temperature-controlled road transport.

With roots in physics and energy technology, Brightec is proud to present a long track record in the research and development of environmentally friendly, energy-saving and sustainable energy solutions.

Our solution approaches a common problem in temperature-controlled transport: maintaining the cold chain. The BlueSeal air curtain does just that, and is far more sophisticated and energy-efficient than its alternatives. BlueSeal is an innovative air curtain that creates an effective and hygienic barrier between the air temperature in the vehicle and the ambient temperature.

Country: Netherlands

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  • Meilleure pratique Blue Seal Air Cur­tains

    Brightec’s BlueSeal air curtains are perfected for temperature controlled road transport, developed to maintain the temperature inside the vehicle. During loading and unloading BlueSeal is activated automatically....